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ULTRA 92/108

Regular price $2,495.00 USD
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BW Ultra billet 92mm turbocharger. Billet 92mm HP compressor wheel with V3 Ultra cover paired with a  108MM turbine wheel and rated to 1700hpThe only way to make a Air Werks unit any better is to put in the hands on our custom builders at Midwest Turbo and let them do there tricks.  The Ultra 88 take the power, reliability, and affordability to a whole new level.  The BW S400 Ultra 92 turbo features a 92mm  HP technology billet compressor wheel for maximum power and reliability.  This unit is paired with a 108mm turbine and a 1.32 T6 exhaust housing.    The Ultra 92 turbo is rated to 1700hp. Standard V3 Ultra cover with V band outlet discharge.  Ad on options: V4 Comp cover T6 1.58 $215