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GT5588-XR X275 Gen4

Regular price $4,595.00 USD
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C.R.T. XR race series X275 88mm turbocharger with a high flow GT55R 112mm turbine wheel. Assembled and machined in house, the GT5588-XR race series turbo is the highest flowing 88mm turbo in the C.R.T. line up.  Rated for 2400+hp the GT5588-XR-X275 features a high-pressure billet 88mm compressor wheel featuring our unique "radial hub" design with our billet inlet ported compressor cover for max effort. It is paired with a huge GT55 112mm turbine wheel.   All the C.R.T. turbos are hand assembled one at a time to ensure the highest quality.  All XR turbo's come standard with the indestructible GT55R ball bearing CHRA base.  Many compressor cover options available.  

Specs: GT55R ball bearing system 88mm billet XR series compressor wheel 112mm 713c Inconel turbine wheel

T6 1.40


Billet center section $595

Billet seal plate $245

113mm 9 blade turbine wheel $595