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Custom Racing Turbos (C.R.T) is a performance line of custom built turbochargers at Midwest Turbo. They are designed, machined, balanced, and assembled in house to offer the customer the best performance turbo in the industry. C.R.T. also offers a full line of custom parts such a billet seal plates, ball bearing upgrades, billet compressor wheels, compressor covers, 360 thrust upgrades, and in house ceramic coatings to bring your current turbo up to today’s technology. C.R.T. Turbos are used in all kinds of performance applications such as street performance, drag racing, sled pulling, diesel performance, just to name a few. 

Our product line includes:

Budget T-Series Turbo's
T-Series turbo's are the perfect entry level turbo for performance street applications. Sizing from 48-72mm the T-Series has you and your wallet covered.

HP-T Series Turbo's
The HP-T series turbo's are compact yet powerful. Starting at 55mm and going all the way up to 78mm the HP-T series has what you need for serious horsepower. Available in cast or billet compressor wheels, C.R.T. 10 blade high flow turbine's, and 360 degree thrust system standard.

Mid-Frame Turbo's
Our Mid-Frame turbo's are perfect for big horsepower single and twin turbo applications. Available from 76- 91mm compressors and 92- 112mm turbine wheels. When space is an issue, the Mid-Frame turbo is a space saving and budget friendly alternative to our Race Series line of turbo's . 

Race Series Turbo's
Race Series turbo's feature the lasted in aerodynamic technology. Available in cast and billet compressor wheels from 76-91mm. All Race series turbo's feature the C.R.T. 10 blade high flow turbine wheels (GT47 Style) and ported high flow compressor cover.  

PX Series Turbo's
ProXtreme Series is the pride and joy of the C.R.T. line up. Perfect for class limiting single turbo applications or huge horsepower twin applications. The PX Series uses the new C.R.T. 111mm 10 blade high flow turbine wheel and cast or billet compressor wheels available from 88-106mm. If Xtreme horsepower is what your looking for, you've found it!

Large Frame Thumper Turbo's
Thumper Series turbos are the largest turbos available in the C.R.T. line up. Our Thumper use either a F or G trim turbine wheel and a 85-115mm cast or billet compressor wheel. The Thumper series can handle up to 2700hp out of a single turbo application. 

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